Rendez-vous Science


Illustration Event Marketing


  • Vector illustrations

Rendez-vous – Forschende im Gespräch (Researchers in conversation) is a returning event created by Reatch and Science et Cité. It provides a space where direct interaction and conversation between scientists and the broad population can take place.


The illustrations display a “Rendez-vous” between a scientist and a representative from society in multiple situations. The encounters look similar during the live event. The series covers a broad range of topics: research, mobility, social science, humanities, arts, digitalization, and urban development.

The final result consisted of a key image with various sceneries and a set of isolated illustrations, representing numerous topics associated with the event.

Waisenhausplatz in Bern

The color scheme and elements of the illustration are inspired by the location in which the event takes place. Rendez-vous uses the infrastructure of Sockel, a project by the city of Bern on Waisenhausplatz.