Tamara Aepli

Tamara Aepli

Medical Illustration

In Medical Illustration, I combine artistic skills with design principles to make medical and scientific information accessible and engaging.

The showcased projects on this page reflect my contributions both as an in-house designer and as a freelance professional for various education products of the organization AO Foundation. Thanks to my many years of involvement in the international research organisation AO Foundation, I have become familiar with orthopaedic procedures and anatomy, having collaborated interdisciplinary with surgeons worldwide. My goal as a designer is to bring clarity to complex subjects and enhance the communication of medical knowledge. Illustrations play a crucial role in clarifying and communicating complex subjects faster and more comprehensively than words alone.

AO Global Oral Cancer Diploma

AO Surgery reference

Lymphatic surgery

AO Sports Principles Course Poster

Hearing loss

Degenerative spine

Manual of Fracture Management – Hand

Pediatric femur fracture care

Spine – Patient education

Surgical approaches

Reverse shoulder arthroplasty


Pediatric Forearm Closed Reduction

Nose reconstruction