Tamara Aepli

Tamara Aepli

Call In

How might we find new and positive ways of using social media for helping migrants and the helpers of migrants?

Motivated from this challenge from a Hackathon during Open Geneva weeks in 2019, Call In was born. The main idea was to develop a new social media especially for migrants and communities which are positive for them.

The goal of Call In is to display volunteering opportunities for migrants (especially newcomers), to facilitate integration through networking online and offline.


Call In has been co-created with Maria Mahdessian and Joany Hernandez, both of them migrants and relatively new to Switzerland. Together we shared the vision that volunteering could help in (1) integration, (2) finding jobs, and in (3) creating a positive feeling within the newcomer due to her/his contribution in the new community.

After winning the hackathon in 2019, we applied to the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow program in 2020. We reached the project stage of a completed MockUp creation of the App and a User Research and Market Study.